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Alec Bradley Medalist

Alec Bradley Medalist

“To be the best, you have to beat the best.” 

The quote above is a direct response from Alec Bradley’s founder, Alan Rubin, when asked about Medalist. It’s a spirit that the folks at Alec Bradley have always carried, especially since they earned the #1 Cigar of the Year spot a few years back. Constantly tinkering, innovating, and asking themselves how they can do better, Alec Bradley releases winner after winner on a most consistent basis. 

Today, we shine the spotlight on the latest trophy in their case, Alec Bradley Medalist. Showcasing a stunning Honduran puro blend, Medalist pays homage to Alec Bradley’s roots. Known today for their medium to full-bodied blends, Medalist reminds us of a day where mellower cigars ruled the roost – and does so most impressively. Toasting the foot on these Connecticut wrapped perfections, you’ll find a warm and toasty flavor profile, complemented by soft cedar notes, and an enjoyable creaminess that stays with you down to the nub.


profile: mellow- medium 

origine: honduras 

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