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The ZEUS Iceborn V2 is a revolutionary accessory item that works with almost every vaporizer to dramatically cool down and improve your vapor through ice filtration.

Engineered in Germany and manufactured from high quality, durable components, the Iceborn is approximately 11cm tall and 8.6cm in diameter.

A much more convenient alternative to typical water filtration devices, the Iceborn provides much cooler and smoother vapor, allowing longer and deeper draws for bigger clouds, and is more efficient than water filtration devices that lose much of your vapor’s essential oils during filtration. *Zeus Icborn Adapter Sold Seperately*

The V2 update makes the Iceborn even more user-friendly by including the "Aluminum Heat Exchanger", which makes assembly, dissassembly, and cleaning hassle-free.

A must-have accessory item for every connoisseur that offers an unparalleled vaporizing experience, the Iceborn enhances your vapor quality in a compact, sleek and hassle-free package.

ZEUS Iceborn™ V2

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