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Key Features:

  • “Sippable” Vapor
  • Push Activated Auto-Filling
  • Innovative Glass Core Heating Element
  • Secondary Triple Helix Heating Element
  • 510-Thread Compatible
  • 3150 mAh


The Tronian Omegatron is a Vapor Cup designed to provide flavorful vapor with an uncomplicated system. Tronian made a strong entrance into the Vapor Cup market with this product. The Omegatron Vapor Cup differs from other Vapor Cups because it has an easy-to-use system that doesn't require confusing touch buttons. Its heating chamber has a special Glass Core that evenly turns solid wax into vapor through tiny holes, giving you consistent and tasty vapor. The Omegatron is also compatible with 510 threads, which makes it easy to maintain and seamlessly switch between your solid concentrates. You can even personalize the flavor by adding things like citrus peels or herbs to the cup. With these cool features, the Omegatron gives you an amazing vaporizing experience that is both simple to use and gives you high-quality vapor.

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