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The smoke column, the hose and the mouthpiece of this luxurious hookah are sewn by hand. The two-tone glass of the noble bowl must also be cut by hand in numerous hours until it acquires its distinctive and multi-faceted appearance. The look is rounded off by a modern blow-out system and an innovative and elegant hose holder.

This hookah is something for real trendsetters who appreciate exquisite materials and genuine craftsmanship.


Included with the INDI 2.0 is:

Mouthpiece with wood and leather elements (inner/stainless steel)
Leather tube (inside/silicone)
Carbon plate made of stainless steel
Design mouthpiece holder
No tobacco head included
Two dip tubes in different lengths



Hand sewn leather tube
Hand sewn leather smoke column
Handmade wooden & stainless steel mouthpiece
Per shisha > 8 working hours







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