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Amir's 1002 VIP

Amir's 1002 VIP

Amir's 1002 "VIP" hookah, with its striking square bowl and innovative use of carbon, wood, and stainless steel, is a standout piece in any hookah collection. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this hookah is not only durable but also ensures a smooth smoking experience. The included accessories, such as the universal adapter and aluminum mouthpiece, make this hookah a must-have for hookah enthusiasts. The unique design and exceptional craftsmanship of the Amir's 1002 "VIP" set it apart from other hookahs on the market, making it a stylish and sophisticated choice for enjoying your favorite shisha flavors. Upgrade your hookah experience with the premium quality and elegant design of the Amir's 1002 "VIP".



  • GlasSi-Set + Heat Box
  • Smoke column made of wood and carbon
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Square glass bowl
  • Click system
  • 1 x universal adapter
  • Closed chamber system
  • 1 hose connection
  • Unscrewable diffuser
  • Silicone hose with aluminum mouthpiece
  • Charcoal plate with additional charcoal protection
  • Coal tongs



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